online lead generation
How To Spend More Time Closing Deals Without Wasting Time Chasing Unqualified Leads

You won't want to miss this highly productive, free workshop!
Build an Online Lead Attraction Machine in as Few as 30 Days
Step-by-Step Tutorial Shows you How To Attract Qualified Leads Online So You Can Avoid Wasting Time Chasing Unqualified and Unproductive Leads
THURSDAY, November 18, 2021
7:00 PM EST/ 6:00 PM CST/ 4:00 PM PST
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On this live workshop, you will discover:
online lead generation

Exactly what you need to develop a consistent stream of qualified leads every time.

online lead generation

The absolute best way to earn higher commissions while working fewer hours

online lead generation

Stop spending a fortune on ads, cooling your heels doing floor time, or begging for business.

Presented by Dick "Online Lead Generation" Ingersoll

Dick Ingersoll is passionate about SEO and has spent his career helping businesses stand out, be unique, and make money in their niche! His particular focus is real estate, where he has had years of success in website marketing, including setting up SEO-driven websites, generating qualified traffic to the websites, and most importantly, converting leads into paying customers. 

He began learning when he created his own website as a side business and grew it quickly to earn $1,000/month in revenue. His experience continued in his official job for an international company dedicated to real estate property management software and support. Dick began by creating websites for apartment complexes, then stepped up to create an innovative SEO system for his clients. His department has grown from 2 people into a team of 30, serving a clientele of over 1,800 in the multifamily apartment complex market, with a goal to double that in the coming year. 

Dick’s unique Website L.E.A.D. Attraction Machine guides real estate professionals through the process of dominating sales by attracting the right clients and nurturing them into lifelong customers.
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